Bluey Did It

As a child, my brother had an imaginary friend named Bluey.
Bluey was always the one who told my brother to get into mischief.
Two years ago, I made a blue quilt for my brother.
Today, I painted Bluey on a flat stone.

I have run out of flat stones, so I need to go on a hike to search for more.
I checked out some stores today, but the selection of stones was not quite what I need.
Besides, it will be more fun to go on a rock searching walk.

10 thoughts on “Bluey Did It

    1. Thank you, Tierney. I need to get back to what I really want to do…an improv quilt. I just do not like what I have done so far with this. So, I will keep looking for inspiration from your posts, and the posts of other creative bloggers.

  1. It was always the (imaginary) friend that made me and my sister do naughty things! Bluey brought back some funny memories, he will for your brother too.
    Yes, collecting real stones is fun and better than store bought just like all things handmade ๐Ÿ˜ D thinks it funny when we come back from a walk and my pockets are stuffed with acorns or pebbles or my โ€œborrowedโ€ dead heads for seeds.

    1. My grandchildren fill their pockets when we go walking. My grandson and I painted rocks and put google eyes on them. These rocks are on display in their sun room. Next craft day with my granddaughter will be a rock drawing day.

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