Stone Painting

Jeanne was the best teaching partner ever!
She could understand my rambling ideas and helped me organize.
Jeanne is so creative and can do just about anything.
When she retired, she moved to another city.
We do not get to see each other much, but we do keep in contact.

I spent some time with her last week, and it was like the old days.
We stayed up past midnight,  talking, laughing, and creating.
Jeanne started stone painting just a few months ago.
She paints some great mandalas, and she encouraged me to try one.
I practiced on a black square of tag board.

My design was a bit more spread out compared to Jeanne’s precise design.
On the second day of my visit, we went shopping for the supplies I would need to paint stones.
I usually collect stones, wherever I go, but I bought a bag of stones to use for my practice pieces.
When I returned home, I tried painting my first mandala on a stone.
I ended up washing it all off and putting the supplies away.
I ordered The Art of Stone Painting by F. Sehnaz Bac and it arrived yesterday.
I thought I might have more success painting birds, using a little of the mandala technique.
I will try some mandala painting when I find round stones.

Ollie Owl


This stone painting is a great form of therapy…and it is relatively cheap.
I will be looking for more stones as I go on walks and trips.
Now, I need to make fabric rope baskets to hold my decorated rocks!

5 thoughts on “Stone Painting

    1. Thank you. That fad has hit San Antonio. Brackenridge Park has a rule against leaving painted rocks in the park. I plan to take them as tokens whenever I visit someone ; or when someone visits me.I also have grandchildren who love rocks.😃

  1. Oh my goodness I took that book out of the library a couple weeks ago! I am a bit intimidated by painting but you have inspired me! I love the practice one your did with the dots and your other works on stone!

    1. I tried painting mandala dots on the stone, like my practice one, but I messed up. When I get more rocks, I will try again. I want to find some flatter, round rocks for the mandala. Me? Inspire you? What a compliment!!! Thanks! Right now, I am working on four projects at the same time. I need to pick one!

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