Fabric and Rope Bowl

About a year ago, I saw some fabric rope bowls/baskets, on Pinterest.
I placed the idea of this project on my Someday List.
Then, Tierney posted pictures and the process of making these bowls.
Later, she sent me a link for tutorials and for the Bali Bowl pattern.
This is what I love about blogs. I learn so much just by reading and connecting with other bloggers.
I had prepped the fabric and had a roll of strips all ready to sew.

Then yesterday, I started sewing the strips.
What a disaster!
I thought the hard part would be zig-zagging and forming the bowl; but sewing the strips gave me more trouble. I kept having gaps where I didn’t catch both the top and bottom.
This is what it looked like after one hour, when I dumped everything on the table and left.
I may have said a few choice words as I left the room.
Maybe more than a few.

I then returned and started to rip and redo the strip.
Patience is not one of my virtues, and I almost dumped the whole thing in a Forget This box, but I did not want to admit defeat.
So, I decided to start sewing another strip.
This time, I stopped and checked as I went.
I also used bigger stitches, which is recommended in the pattern. I had forgotten to change the stitch size for the first one.
This time, I was having more luck folding the right side down, and the left side on top, and holding it tightly.
I still had to fix mistakes, but at least this time, it was “fix-as-you-go”.
When it came to zig-zagging and making the coil, I experienced some co-ordination problems.
I found it difficult to hold the rope perpendicular AND make sure that the zig-zag was catching both sides. Once I got the swing of it, and once the sides starting getting larger, it was much easier.
The results are not the best, but I am happy that I did not give up.
This may be the one and only bowl I make…at least for now.

It is a bit wonky, but it is finished!

Thank you, Tierney.
Your support and encouragement got me to try something new and challenging.
Mary, you said you wanted to make one of these.
I am sure you will have no problem.

26 thoughts on “Fabric and Rope Bowl

  1. Oh my goodness – you are so awesome that you did not give up! My first bowl would have been a complete disaster (actually it was a basket not a bowl) but I had an incredible and patient teacher at a quilt shop that hand held me through it in a class. The class was actually in two sessions – the first session was focused on just learning to sew the strips (which we were to sew together before the first class) to the clothesline. The clothesline rolls on your as you are trying to catch it nestled in the double folded strips. If I lived in your town I would have totally popped over and helped you with it. Congrats on persevering! The bowl looks great! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. And I see I did not finish the rest of the story, ha! The second class was learning to “throw pottery” on the sewing machine and and my first basket was kind of wonky even with the teacher holding my hand.

    My best advice is to go ahead and make yourself make another one. All I can say is it gets better the more you make. If there was a mistake to be made I have made it on the baskets so I anticipate my mistakes before I make them now, lol

    1. Well, I still have prepped strips. As soon as my thumbs recover, I will try again. Thanks for sharing your complete story. It makes me feel better to know that it wasnโ€™t just me being a klutz and having trouble.๐Ÿคช

      1. Oh, thank you. I did not feel brave or adventurous. I am glad I did not give up. I feel a sense of accomplishment. I always used to tell my students to persist…I need to practice what I preach. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Chela, you deserve so much credit for finishing this bowl! I am glad you stepped away, took a deep breath and came back to finish! I like the colors and the birdie on the side. You are an inspiration to me because you are always trying new things AND you don’t give up!

  4. If I hadnโ€™t read your post and learned of all your issues I would have never known anything went wrong. Your bowl looks amazing! I like the colors you selected too. I think it looks like a wonderful, artsy bowl. Who says it needs to be anything but what it turned out to be. Pat your self on the back and chalk this one up in the experience column. On to the next. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thank you, Cindy. I appreciate your words of encouragement. I have now moved on to thread sketching some roses. First attempt is pretty shaking, but maybe with a bit more practice. I will post pictures of this trial and error when I finish.

      1. I like watching your progress on your many projects! You are not afraid to try something new and that just thrills me. We miss the opportunity to stretch ourselves when we donโ€™t. Life is meant to be experienced and you certainly have tested your wings. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank You for taking me on your journey!

  5. I actually have no idea how you’ve gone from fabric strips and rope to a bowl. It looks too confusing to understand let alone do! But it also looks really pretty!

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