Calendar Fun

My goal today is to continue practicing stippling and meandering as I work on completing the Valentine projects. I want to get this done by tomorrow, so that I can finally start on a quilt.
As I was preparing for my morning, I looked at the calendar and remembered the Fun Days of the Year calendar I used in the classroom. We would celebrate days such as Hug Your Cat Day. I would also text these special event reminders to my sons, who would tell me that there is no such day.
Well, I am glad I remembered this calendar, because this week is full of great days to celebrate.
January 22-Celebration of Life Day: A day to appreciate your children and grandchildren. We do this every day, but this day will be extra special.
January 23- PIE DAY…a day we should all be sure to celebrate.
January 24-Peanut Butter Day…I used to take peanut butter sandwiches to work every day, and I am still a peanut butter nut.
January 25-A Room of One’s Own Day ( Maybe this would be a good day to reorganize the studio.)
January 26- Spouse’s Day
and…drum roll please….
January 27: Visit a local Quilt Shop Day ( As if we need an excuse!)
Chocolate Cake Day

So, Friday is a double bonus day to celebrate!

Now, I have given everyone a week of celebrations.
I can get back to finishing my projects.

Birds on the Brain…or…Bird Brain?

After being cooped up, due to the Texas version of cold weather, I finally ventured out yesterday.
It was great soaking in a bit of sun and feeling the brisk air.
There is an open air shopping mall, The Forum, where I like to go for a walk. My favorite place to walk is in any of our many city parks, but sometimes urban walking fits the bill. If I walk the mall strip twice, it is a bit over two miles. One disadvantage of walking here is the temptation to buy something at the stores.
Yesterday, I walked into Hobby Lobby to get the felt I needed to make the Valentine donut. I walked past this bird that caught my eye. I have been playing with it ever since! It is even better than a spinner. If I was still teaching, this would be one of the toys I would put in the Wiggle Baskets I had on each table. The basket was filled with stress balls, and squeezy toys. The children could pick a toy that would help them get the wiggles out as they stayed on task.
Now, while I am in my sewing studio, I can entertain my bird brain, get the wiggles out, AND stay on task.

As you can see, my Friday has been a bit of a Fluff Day.
Way too much time spent on getting rid of the wiggles.
I finished the bird pillow top last night, and I hope to finish the pillow today.
I am very happy with the FMQ on the bird portion of the pillow, but I totally flubbed on the word part.
It’s okay…this pillow is for me. I will chalk it up as a learning experience.

Weather Report and Project Update

This is our second day of below freezing weather.
Those icicles are what remain on my roof after two days.
One of our local grocery stores has broken water pipes due to freezing.
One of our main streets had pipes broken and water is flooding the area.
And, there have been numerous car accidents.
My sister’s house in Austin had a broken pipe.
Tomorrow we should hit 43, so that’s good.
I have had enough soup, stew, hot cider, and hot tea and I am ready to move on.
Not whining…just saying…
My hat is off to all of you who live with this type of weather for months!

In the meantime, I have been working on a project.
It might be a wall hanging, or a pillow.
I loved the inspirational and positive word fabric.
At this time, I am thread sketching the bird fabric.
I am also trying to decide if I should FMQ the brown/gray fabric.
I cannot decide on the color of thread to use, and my meandering is not the best.
Maybe I will parallel stitch in the ditch.

This is for practice and for me, so whatever turns out will be fine.

Ice Day

My nephew posted this with the caption: The city closed down because of ice.

Well, it may not be a lot of ice, but the streets are covered with black ice.
I, for one, am glad that I do not have to drive on it.
Walking to the mailbox was treacherous enough.
We need to enjoy this temperature, because the 100+ degree weather is just around the corner.

I spent this afternoon making the Valentine burrito pillowcases for my grand-kids.
For my granddaughter, I found some cute Bee Happy fabric.
I chose a Bee My Valentine theme for her.

For my grandson, I found a donut fabric. He loves sprinkle donuts, so I thought this would be perfect.
I plan to make  a felt donut for his “card”, but I do not have a dark brown felt for the icing.
Since it is too icy for me to venture out, the donut project has been put on hold.

On his card I will write this message:
Donut Forget 
You are My Valentine
I will also add some donut jokes.
Knock Knock…
Who’s there…
Donut who?…
Donut ask, it’s a secret!


Why did the donut go to the doctor?…
Because it was feeling crummy!

I know. I know.
I am going stir crazy in this house.
I need some fresh air!

Scrappy Heart

We are getting ready for a big cold front with ice.
Nothing compared to what people up North have, but major for us.
I went to stock up on groceries, along with all the people on my part of town.
It took longer than I planned to run errands today.
I did stop to get Valentine fabric to make pillow cases.
When I finally got home, I decided to work on one of my goals, which is to use up scraps.
In the spirit of MLK Day, I  made a scrappy heart pillow.
It was going to be a hanging heart, but I think I will keep it as a pillow.

Recycled Denim

I am happy to report that I am feeling more control when I am FMQ.


One of the best books that I used every year in my classroom was Martin’s Big Words.
The children would interpret the meaning of these words in their writings and illustrations. It was always very inspirational to hear the children talk about showing love, and not hate.
I pulled this book out today to celebrate a man whose words are so relevant to today’s dangerous political climate. 

MLK’s words: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

52 Fridays: January 12

WHoo-oo Loves You
Inspiration for this block came from this past week that I spent with my granddaughter. It was a
fun-filled, loving, and creative week. Morgan loves owls, and she made an owl hexagon block to hang in her living room.

I decided to try my hand at thread sketching an owl to document this great week with Morgan.

Background: Light blue memo, 100% cotton
Technique: Thread sketching, free motion, hand sewn borders, Pentel fabric crayons, Tulip fabric markers
Batting: 100% Cotton
Embellishment: Buttons for eyes

Just for Practice~Just for Fun

I finished the owl hexagon for my 52 Friday Quilt Journal.

Then, I decided to practice some more on FM.
I drew the outline for a Valentine heart.
I made the main curve lines in black permanent ink pen because I thought I was going to use black thread for the FM. I changed my mind and used pink thread. So, to cover up the black lines, I used fabric marker. It didn’t fix the problem, but it looks a little better.
This heart pillow was just for practice and for fun.
It is a bit lumpy because the top fabric is a bit too thick to use with the bottom fabric.
So, it turned out to be a wonky heart.



Whooo Loves You?

I’m back in my sewing studio and it feels great!
My intention was to prioritize my projects.
I need to finish some old projects, work on Valentine projects, and then start on my new projects.
I also wanted to continue practicing some thread sketching.
This past week was all about owls.
My granddaughter loves owls.
I had found an owl notepad to write lunch box notes for her and she loved it. I left the pad for her to write notes to her parents.
For the 52 Fridays project, I decided to make a block to commemorate the special week with my granddaughter. The block is not yet completed. I just finished the thread sketching and now I am trying to decide what else it needs.
This is what I have so far:

I noticed that I forgot to sketch in the top and the claws.

I sketched in the top and I just drew lines in the claws.

For now, I am thinking that this is the only touch of color I will add.
I will put it aside while I think about it.