Thursday Outing

This was an enjoyable day spent with my older sister.
She gave me two jelly rolls that have a variety of purple strips.
Now, I am really tempted to try to make one of those fabric bowls as posted on Tierney Creates.
I know that this is way beyond my skill set, but it is on my list of Things I Hope to Make One Day.
Saturday is Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day, but my sister and I made our visit today.
We went to Las Colchas, where the proprietor, Francine, is a family friend.
I asked Francine if she would have a class on making a fabric bowl, and she said she was going to see about setting a class up. It would be great if she did.
While at the shop, I purchased some fabric for the backing of my floral quilt.
I have plenty of polka dot material that I plan to piece for the backing, but I needed a bit more.

Then, my eyes went directly to this super colorful bird fabric.
I know, I need to get off this bird thing…but this fabric is gorgeous.

I almost didn’t buy it, since I have no real plan or design in mind.
But I knew I would regret not getting some.
I’ve decided it is okay to buy fabric just because it is beautiful.
It will not go to waste.

The floral quilt top is all pieced.
Tomorrow, I plan to piece the backing.

11 thoughts on “Thursday Outing

    1. These are great videos. Thank you for sharing. Your post on the prep process is also very helpful. I have ordered the pattern. Thanks for the confidence booster! I will continue to study the videos until I receive the pattern. You are SUPER!

  1. Chela, Your floral quilt is gorgeous! So bold and beautiful.
    I love to buy fabric just because I love it, even if a little 1/4” yd piece. Its like having a pice of art and like you say, even if it is not β€œfor something,” you would regret not having it.

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