The San Antonio Botanical Gardens is going through some major improvement.
I decided to go see the progress.
Of course, the gardens are all in winter mode, but the area is still a beautiful, peaceful place.
My favorite part is the Texas section where you can find the ducks and turtles.

The ducks were enjoying the sun as much as I was!
Of course, I stopped by the new gift shop and I heard something say, “Take me home.”
So, I now have an owl that I named Bonita, perched over my sewing machine.

Bonita watched over me as I finished piecing the last of the blocks on my floral quilt.

I played with the arrangement until all I saw was polka-dots.
Then I called my sisters and asked for their input.
This is what we have so far.
I will let it hang on the wall for a day or two, before I piece it together.
Now, I am trying to find the perfect name.
The first name that came to mind was Floral Fantasy.
These are other names that are floating in my head: Botanical Beauty, Funky Florals, and El Jardin.
I need to set the whole thing aside and start on something else! 


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