Valentine’s Day Projects Completed!

There was a change in plans today.
I did go bird watching, but only in the neighborhood.
The birds seemed about as happy as I am…just enjoying the weather.
I completed the last of the Valentine projects today.
The other day, I found this set of  bird and feathers fat quarters in my stash.
I bought this set about a year ago.
For the backing, I used some denim fabric.
I always have some denim yardage or some recycled jeans handy.


I just want to say that I tip my hat to all of you who quilt your own quilts. 
My experience with quilting these small projects has left me with sore shoulders and back.
I’m not giving up on FMQ my own quilt one day…but I am putting it on hold.
Now, onto starting a floral and polka-dot quilt!

One thought on “Valentine’s Day Projects Completed!

  1. They look very pretty! Don’t give up on FMQ! It can make your muscles sore. While you are stitching take breaks. Roll your shoulders in unison, forward, backwards then individually. Do shoulder raises, anything that helps to loosen your muscles. This will help relax your muscles and you. 🙂

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