Birds on the Brain…or…Bird Brain?

After being cooped up, due to the Texas version of cold weather, I finally ventured out yesterday.
It was great soaking in a bit of sun and feeling the brisk air.
There is an open air shopping mall, The Forum, where I like to go for a walk. My favorite place to walk is in any of our many city parks, but sometimes urban walking fits the bill. If I walk the mall strip twice, it is a bit over two miles. One disadvantage of walking here is the temptation to buy something at the stores.
Yesterday, I walked into Hobby Lobby to get the felt I needed to make the Valentine donut. I walked past this bird that caught my eye. I have been playing with it ever since! It is even better than a spinner. If I was still teaching, this would be one of the toys I would put in the Wiggle Baskets I had on each table. The basket was filled with stress balls, and squeezy toys. The children could pick a toy that would help them get the wiggles out as they stayed on task.
Now, while I am in my sewing studio, I can entertain my bird brain, get the wiggles out, AND stay on task.

As you can see, my Friday has been a bit of a Fluff Day.
Way too much time spent on getting rid of the wiggles.
I finished the bird pillow top last night, and I hope to finish the pillow today.
I am very happy with the FMQ on the bird portion of the pillow, but I totally flubbed on the word part.
It’s okay…this pillow is for me. I will chalk it up as a learning experience.

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