Ice Day

My nephew posted this with the caption: The city closed down because of ice.

Well, it may not be a lot of ice, but the streets are covered with black ice.
I, for one, am glad that I do not have to drive on it.
Walking to the mailbox was treacherous enough.
We need to enjoy this temperature, because the 100+ degree weather is just around the corner.

I spent this afternoon making the Valentine burrito pillowcases for my grand-kids.
For my granddaughter, I found some cute Bee Happy fabric.
I chose a Bee My Valentine theme for her.

For my grandson, I found a donut fabric. He loves sprinkle donuts, so I thought this would be perfect.
I plan to make  a felt donut for his “card”, but I do not have a dark brown felt for the icing.
Since it is too icy for me to venture out, the donut project has been put on hold.

On his card I will write this message:
Donut Forget 
You are My Valentine
I will also add some donut jokes.
Knock Knock…
Who’s there…
Donut who?…
Donut ask, it’s a secret!


Why did the donut go to the doctor?…
Because it was feeling crummy!

I know. I know.
I am going stir crazy in this house.
I need some fresh air!

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