Just for Practice~Just for Fun

I finished the owl hexagon for my 52 Friday Quilt Journal.

Then, I decided to practice some more on FM.
I drew the outline for a Valentine heart.
I made the main curve lines in black permanent ink pen because I thought I was going to use black thread for the FM. I changed my mind and used pink thread. So, to cover up the black lines, I used fabric marker. It didn’t fix the problem, but it looks a little better.
This heart pillow was just for practice and for fun.
It is a bit lumpy because the top fabric is a bit too thick to use with the bottom fabric.
So, it turned out to be a wonky heart.



5 thoughts on “Just for Practice~Just for Fun

  1. I love how the owl is looking at the moon! I am challenged with hearts too – they always come out wonky for me. I finally just accepted that I am a “wonky-heart-maker”! Hey practice is a good thing and thanks for sharing!

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