Color or Black and White

I used Pentel Fabric crayons to color the first bird.
When I used the iron to set the color, the blue pen marking reappeared.
I used a pencil to lightly sketch the second bird.
Maybe if I had a definite project in mind, I could decide whether to use crayons or not.
I do not know how permanent these crayons are, even though the directions state that setting with heat will make color permanent.
If any of you who have worked with fabric crayons could share your experience, it would be greatly appreciated.
Also, does anyone have any recommendations as to what type of pens can be used for sketching without leaving a marking?

11 thoughts on “Color or Black and White

  1. Have you considered using different colored threads—blue for a bluebird, red for a red bird, gray for other birds in addition to black thread?

    1. I need to get more bobbins for the new thread that I ordered for this. I had thought of using a red thread for a red bird, but I like your idea of using it in addition to the black thread. Thanks for the idea!

  2. These are lovely! I think I prefer the coloured one. As for pens that don’t leave a mark, I’m really not sure. I use Bohin chalk and haven’t had any problems with it, though I think once heated it becomes permanent (not completely sure about that though).

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