Productive Day

When we became empty nesters, I turned one bedroom into an office for me and one for my husband. The other bedroom became the library for my collection of children’s literature that I used in my classroom. The library had three units, each with five shelves. The books were in bins by season, author, and genre.
After the first year of my retirement, I packed some books to give to one of the beginning teachers at my old school. I also set aside books for my grandchildren. It is now going on four years since I retired, and I decided to give the remaining books away. This left me with empty shelves and a lot of room for my sewing stuff.
I spent the day reorganizing what I will call my Stash and Stuff Suite. As I looked in the closet, I found a bin that had the canvas boxes I used in my classroom. Perfect fit for my new Suite.
I filled the car with all my classroom games and fun stuff and donated them to Goodwill.
There is one more box of books that I am donating to a teacher. And the one bin of books that is left are my most favorite books that I can use when I visit schools.
This should have been done four years ago. These things belong in children’s hands.
I also found boxes of school work and things that belonged to my sons when they were in elementary school! I asked if they wanted them and of course they said no.
I spent the afternoon reading and enjoying going through those boxes of memories.
I saved one piece of art work from one of my sons so I can give it to my granddaughter.

Now I have a Sewing Studio and a Stash and Stuff Suite.
I wonder if I can convince my husband to tear the wall down so I can have one big room…Nah! I am very happy with my two rooms.

I couldn’t dispose of that special little dog toy that is now 35 years old.

Only two of the canvas bins have things in them, so I have room to expand.

Now that things are more organized, I am ready to get to work…fun.
I need to plan some fun things to do with my granddaughter since I will be taking care of her next week.
She will be back in school, but we have some time for fun each night.
My Meemaw friends and I are meeting this weekend to plan our next Clown Car Adventure.
Our first trip will be in February.
We plan to take the Vanishing Texas River Cruise to catch the eagle season which started in November and ends in March.
My friends reminded me that I need to be quiet when we go birding. I tend to get so excited that I start whooping and hollering and scare off the birds.

7 thoughts on “Productive Day

  1. An office and a craft room…this would be a dream come true 😉 I share these rooms with the living room lol. My son tends to think these items are meant for his enjoyment lol. Wow some great accomplishments for you!! 🙂

  2. Sounds like you accomplished a lot with all your purging and reorganizing. I hung on to school papers for my kids as well. They weren’t to impressed with the opportunity to take over the items. Oh well. At least I enjoyed saving them. Now that you are all set I’m looking forward to seeing what you create. 🙂

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