January 3…

Look what was waiting for me when I got home today…my rotating cutting mat!
One of my sons gave me an Amazon gift card, and I knew just what to get.
I found this Skyhawk mat for only $25.49.
I made this short video clip to show my son, so he could understand my excitement.

This mat will come in so hand, especially when I am working on my hexagon quilt journal blocks.
Thank you, Mary, for posting information about this handy tool!

So far, I am running a bit slow on starting any of my projects.
Basically it is because I am not so fired up about anything I had planned.
I am excited about the 52 Fridays Quilt Journal, but that is a year long project.
I guess one of my problems is there is no recipient in mind for most of the quilts I had planned.
There is no reason or story behind the quilts, so I just can’t get motivated.
I thought  focusing on the art of the quilt, in itself, would be fun, but something is missing.

I have been working on improv quilt blocks.
There is some motivation there.
I just don’t know where I am going with this.

All my old blocks have been pulled out and I have been cutting, piecing, and cutting and piecing.
I enjoy the process, but so far, I do not see what can be done with these new blocks.
Also, can there be such a thing as being tired of fabric that is in one’s stash?
It seems like the same old-same old.
The improvised pieces come out looking better, but they are still the same fabric I have used and reused.
All my fabric seems to be bright, sweet, and almost sugary.
I think I need a change.
Instead of giving my fabric stash away, I will put it on hold until I think about it some more.

I am also practicing FM and thread sketching.
It is still far from perfect, but I am feeling a bit more relaxed about the process.
I am actually enjoying it.

Maybe if I got more involved in the quilt guilds to which I belong, I could find some motivation.
I guess I started the year with a mental block when it comes to creating.
Maybe it is just the cold weather…
I finally went out for a walk yesterday.
Today I was busy with appointments and errands.

My 2018 Mascot, Joy, just does not seem to be singing to me right now.
Hopefully, I was still hearing some tunes soon.

9 thoughts on “January 3…

  1. You hang in there! Blame it in the weather or time of year. We all go through times of reflection and self doubt. You will turn the corner and then be wondering what you were thinking. “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Have some fun! 🙂

  2. You said “Maybe if I got more involved in the quilt guilds to which I belong, I could find some motivation.” I found that I had disengaged from my guild. I wasn’t interested, didn’t attend all the time, and had largely checked out. But there is a lot to guild that I value, and I knew the only way to get re-engaged was to deliberately get more involved. I did and though it’s been a bit much, more than I expected, I’m glad I did. It’s probably true that most activities are like that. If you want to be more interested in cooking, you should cook more. If you want to be more active outside, you should go outside more.

    OTOH, it’s okay to have a quiet time, when you rest before starting up again. I go through cycles with my quilting just as with most things. I’ve gotten used to it and don’t mind it much anymore. Patience with yourself, your energy, and interest will move you through this.

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