Practice Makes Perfect…

…and I definitely far from perfect!
I need MORE practice with my free motion quilting.
I can’t remember where I read this, but someone compared free motion quilting to driving a standard car.
I certainly cannot drive standard.

I am having difficulty co-coordinating my hand and foot motion.
One of my problems is also controlling my speed.
I tend to be heavy footed.

Making fabric out of scraps is giving me the opportunity to practice free motion.
I thought trying to free motion on a 14″x 14″ square would be easier than working on a small square.
I try to work in quadrants as I move along the big square.
Maybe I need to go back to practicing on smaller squares.

Any hints, suggestions, or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Today was the second time I used the Solvy product.
It is much easier to use than I thought it would be.
The Solvy holds all these pieces in place, and it makes it easy to free motion.
I use a few pins to secure the Solvy, and it does not slide around at all.
After I am done with the free motion, I just rinse the piece under tap water.
It dissolves very easily, and does not leave any stickiness or goop.
This is today’s Scrap-to-Fabric piece:

When this piece dries, I will embellish with buttons and beads.
I might trim this piece up to make a front for a purse.
Or, I have some journals that I will be gifting, and I might cover them with this piece.
One of my 2018 goals is to learn how to free motion.
I’m glad I am getting a head start, because it is going to take me a LONG time to reach this goal.

10 thoughts on “Practice Makes Perfect…

  1. FMQ just takes lots of practice. I bought a machine with stitch regulator hoping that would help, but it DOES NOT help, especially it does not help an extra $900 worth!!!

  2. I love your scrap-fabric piece! So creative.
    I think the hardest step in FMQ is just trying it and not getting discouraged so you are doing great. I watched some YouTube videos and this one by Patsy Thompson was particularly helpful and amusing, she suggests drinking a glass of wine before you start 🍷 🤪

  3. Chela, practice, practice, practice! I think FM on a regular sewing machine is harder than on a LA machine. I have hundreds of hours on my LA and I still have so much to learn. Keep at it! You will find your groove. 🙂

  4. When I started learning how to fmq I just practised with straight lines. Over and over and over. It helped me get the “feel” of the balance between hand and foot speed.
    Good things come to those who…practise! 🙂

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