Oh, What Fun!

I hope everyone had a blessed and joyful Christmas week-end.
If it wasn’t misting, I would be out walking off the holiday calories.
Since I can’t be outside, it is only natural that I am back in the sewing room.
I started messing around with the process of making fabric out of remnants and scraps.
I like to cover my journals with fabric, so I decided to make a fabric using the smallest of scraps.
This is my first time to use the water soluble Solvy, by Sulky.
It was fun playing around with the tiny fabric scraps.
My free motion skills are way below par.
I have difficulty co-coordinating my hand movement with my foot on the pedal.
My tendency is to be too heavy- footed. It is difficult for me to control the speed.
But, it was fun anyway.
I will keep practicing.

The backing I used is from an old pair of jeans that I decided to recycle.

I added pieces and string to the top and used the Solvy.

My crazy, out-of-control free motion!
The results are not great, but I will use this fabric for my journals.
I plan to embellish with beads and things.

Oh, I got a new cup holder.
I love collecting coffee cups.
As a teacher, I was always gifted the cutest mugs and cups.
But instead of using it for my cups, I got the idea to use it to hold my scissors.
Works great!

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