Christmas Eve-Eve

Note: I had posted this yesterday, but somehow it ended up in the trash box. I found it this morning and decided to re-post.

Today is the eve of Christmas Eve.
I found I had some down time, since the festivities begin tomorrow.
I had ants in my pants, so my sewing room was opened for just a bit of the afternoon.
Recently, I had organized my scraps and pieces in large bags.
As I was storing these scraps, I saw many possibilities.
I pulled one bag out today, and started making new fabric from the small pieces.

This bag had a few larger size scraps and a lot of odd shapes, widths, and lengths.

These strips were cut from one large block that I pieced together.

These started out as one block, and I decided to cut at a wonky angle in order to make it more interesting.

This one is my favorite. I do not have any more of that brown and multi-colored polka-dot fabric.
I have no idea what I will do with these, so far now, they are thrown in my Someday Bin.
In the meantime, I feel good about not wasting fabric.
I will try to keep up with this at least  once a week until these two bags are done.
But then, I will be starting new projects next year, and I will just fill up another bag.
Oh well, more fun for me.
Merry Christmas Eve-Eve! 

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