Pinwheel Ornaments

After finishing the fabric journal, I officially closed down the sewing room.
Then, today, I got a delivery that had me running to my sewing room.

A few days ago, I read Mary’s post about using pinking shears to make pinwheels.
Mary posted Jayne’s blog, Twiggy and Opal, where Jayne has a tutorial on the pinwheels.
My old pinking sheers never really worked.
They were heavy and dull.
I asked Mary for some information about pinking shears.
Mary told me about Havel scissors.

Santa must have known I needed pinking shears!
He had Amazon deliver my new pinking shears this morning, and I just had to try them out.

Thank you, Mary. These pinwheels make cute ornaments and gift wrap decorations.
I just sent the tutorial to my daughter-in-law.
She thought it would be a good activity for her nieces.

I made the three inch square pinwheels. I have some more ready to cut and sew.
It will be fun afternoon.

The other day, I went to Michael’s to see if I could find a cute package/bag for my granddaughter’s Christmas Eve present.  I found a cute Christmas suitcase box that was perfect for giving a gift of clothes and toys.  All Christmas storage boxes were 60% off.
The price was right, so I also bought one for myself!
I have stored my Christmas fabric in this suitcase.

4 thoughts on “Pinwheel Ornaments

  1. Perfect idea for storing the Christmas fabric and the box is so cute. I used Mary’s pinwheels post also. I think next year I will make a bunch of little ones to decorate my tiny tree in my sewing room. Thanks to you both for the great ideas. You all are better than Pinterest! 🙂

  2. Lucky you! My mom always had a pinking shears. I thought it was the coolest thing. Sadly I’ve never added one to my supplies. I may have to change that in 2018. Love the pinwheels and the box. Great and fun idea for storing your fabrics. 🙂

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