It has also been cold and rainy.
Perfect weather for creating and working in my sewing room.

Work in Progress
These are the front and back of the first segment of the book.

Each block is a sandwich that includes: the pieced and embellished top; thin interfacing for embroidery; thin batting.
A tag board square is inserted in between both blocks to add a bit of firmness.
The blocks are then sewn, wrong sides together, with a 1/2 seam.
A zigzag edge is added.

These are the front and back of the second segment.
These were wonky blocks I had made a few months ago.
The front page has charms with the number 5.  One of the charms is turned, so you can not see it in this picture. “Five” is my sister’s special number.
I still have the buttons from my dad’s plaid shirts, so I used five of them as the center of this 5 block.

The other day, I bought a fat quarter block of pastel, checkered flannel.
I have never sewn flannel, and I wanted to try it out.
The purple polka dot fabric was in my stash.
A bit of stuffing was added to give dimension to the heart.

I  bound the first two book segments, just to see if it would work.
So far, it seems that it opens and shuts well.
My plan is to bind the segments in pairs.
Then, I have to figure out how to bind all of the pairs.
I have some ideas for two more blocks, so I will work on those tomorrow.

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