Wednesday Walks

Starting in October, I meet with a group of retired educators every Wednesday. We take walks and hikes in parks, historical landmarks, and local places of interests.
Usually, it is just in San Antonio; but we do venture out to Blanco and Wimberly Texas.
Today was the last of the scheduled walks.
A smaller group of us, my Meemaw friends, continue throughout the year with our own walks and craft days.
Our walk today was to downtown San Antonio and the King William historical area.
It was like a trip down memory lane for me.
As a child, I lived just south of downtown San Antonio, and east of the King William area.
Many of my friends lived in the King William area.
We formed a River Rat Pack since we would spend time on the river.
One of the places in this area is the Guenther House.
The house is decorated for Christmas, and it had a gingerbread house that took 200 hours to complete.

This house made me feel like a kid again.
As we walked along the river, we saw an egret and a blue heron.
It just made my day!

When I returned home, I realized that my sewing room and my fabric stash is way out of control.
I have a few more projects to finish before Christmas.
My goal is to revamp the space and the fabric storage after Christmas.
I have been viewing different organizational ideas online.
One way was to make your own bolt of fabric, using magazine board.
Another way was too expensive. It entailed buying plastic boards with clips to fold the fabric.
There was a tip to cut hanging folders in half and fold the fabric around the folder.
This might be good for my larger pieces, and I have canvas baskets that fit the size of the hanging folders.
I had once tried plastic bags, but I do not remember why I did not like the results. I think it didn’t work because I just threw them in a plastic bin and it got too bulky.
Then, there are those small bits of fabric that are good for making your own fabric.
What is the best way to store these?
I have steel frame shelving units.
Right now, I have different sizes of plastic bins on these shelves.
I guess this is okay for the small stuff, but I need ideas for larger remnants and yardage.
What works for you?
If you have any organizational tips, I would appreciate your input.

7 thoughts on “Wednesday Walks

  1. My yardage is in drawers, folded to fit the drawers well so that it is “stacked” horizontally and I can see the edge of each piece. Then I have bins for FQs. Smaller than FQ pieces go in a basket as I’m working, then are cut in strips of uniform width and each width is stored in a small drawer. The system works well for me.

    1. Thank you. I love the idea of drawers, but that would be a total revamp of my room. I like the idea of separating the FQ into bins. I work with a basket near my machine, but usually just kept the fabric of the project on which I was working at the time. I love the idea of a basket for the smaller pieces. Right now, it is the smaller pieces that are driving me crazy. Thanks for this tip.

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