Finally…December Weather

The high today was 45 degrees!
It has also been raining.
So, it was the perfect day to wear my Grinch slippers, lounge in my new snuggly purple robe, read, listen to Christmas music, and work on my Christmas QAL.
I pieced the back with 12″inch blocks made from remnants of fabric used in the quilt, plus some other Christmas fabric. As I took the picture, I realized there is a corner of red blocks. I was thinking of changing it…but maybe I won’t. The color of red in this picture looks more pink. But the color is really in the range of cherry red to cranberry red.

I placed the string of lights on the back.
Thanks for all the input on my question about the layout of the front blocks.
One of the cool perks that comes with blogging is learning from others.
Sometimes, it just takes the artistic eye and expertise of someone else to help me get through a creative block. I appreciate all of your input.

The consensus of the Facebook QAL group and blogger response was the lantern block.
I originally did not like the way the lantern turned out, but after I made some changes, I was leaning towards using the lantern. It seemed to fit better, even though it was the only block with a border.
I pieced all of the vertical sashing; but I only completed two rows of the horizontal sashing.

As I was taking this photo, I realized that there are two gold and white squares too close to each other.
Other than this mistake, I am happy with the way it is turning out.
Tomorrow I will decide if I am going to make changes to what I have.
Then, I hope to finish the sashing and add the keyboard border.
It is going down to 36 degrees tomorrow!
Another perfect day!

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