Christmas Tree Skirts

As I mentioned in previous posts, my mother loved Christmas.
She made her own wreaths and Christmas tree skirts.
Each one of my sisters and my brother got a tree skirt beaded by mom.
My sister, Emma, just sent me this photo of her small Christmas display.
The tree skirt was hand beaded by my mother.

These are photos of the tree skirt that my mom totally hand beaded for my sister, Adri.

The sheep were my favorite. They were beaded with little pearls.

I gave the tree skirt that mom made me to one of my sons, so I do not have a photo.
Mom had cut felt to make poinsettias and beaded each petal.
She knew how much I love poinsettias.
Another tree skirt she made me had a beaded Rudolph.

Recently, I have gotten interested in adding beads to embellish some quilt squares.
I remember seeing mom meticulously work on her beading.
I do not have her skill or the patience do to what she did.
So, I will just start small.

5 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Skirts

    1. Mom never used kits. She had tons of beads. Mom would find printed fabric, and cut out the figures she wanted to bead, such as the Santa, the gift boxes, etc. She asked me to draw and cut the petals for the poinsettia that she beaded for me. The Nativity scene was a printed tree skirt fabric , that she decided needed beading. She finished this just as she developed macular degeneration. The back of her work was just as meticulous as the front. She used to bead the bodice of my sister’s prom and party gowns. I never went to proms, and thought that stuff was silly. She did bead a denim dress I had and also a purse.

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