Delivery Day

Nine months ago, my friends and I went on a tour of Brackenridge Park.
We all have memories of family picnics spent in this historical park.
After our tour, we had a picnic with the executive directive of the park, Lynne Osbourne Bobbitt.
The idea for the quilt was the result of spending this beautiful day at Brackenridge Park.

My Meemaw friends and I had fun shopping for fabric, piecing the quilt, and going for special lunches throughout the time it took to complete this quilt.
Jeana Kubik donated her talent and skill and long arm services.
Jeana was not able to go with us as we delivered the quilt, so we will celebrate with her when it is time to go see the quilt hanging in the office of the Brackenridge Conservancy.

Lynn Osbourne Bobbitt, the Executive Director, was thrilled to receive this quilt.

From L-R:
Lynn Osbourne Bobbitt
The Meemaws- Me, Kaye, Terri, and Marti

I love making quilts.
Giving quilts is even more fun.

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