Last Projects for 2017

It has been a busy, fulfilling, and blessed 2017. I will be ringing in the New Year reading a good book.

Today, I finished some small journal covers for some friends. I have a few more to make. My sewing room is ready for 2018.


I want to thank you for reading my blog and supporting my quilting endeavors. Happy New Year!🎉

Mascot for 2018…Joy

I added the finishing touches to Joy, my mascot for 2018.
One of the year long projects that I am planning to do is the 52 Fridays…A Quilt Journal.
There are 52 Fridays in 2018.
The quilt journal will be made of hexagon blocks.
The author of 52 Tuesdays- A Quilt Journal, Sandy Gilreath, encourages readers to freely use this idea of a quilt journal.
Keeping journals is something I have done for a long time.
I thought it would be fun to try my hand at this hexagon quilt journal.
Another reason I chose to do this project is that it will give me the opportunity to try new things, and practice techniques I want to improve.

I will follow some of the same procedures that Gilreath did for her project.
I will keep a paper journal of the different ideas, images, and scenes for each week.
Then I will choose one to make a block on each Friday.
Information about each block will be listed in the paper journal, along with story/inspiration for the block.

The Joy block does not count as my first block for the quilt.
It was just a practice block.
It is going to hang in my studio to remind me to choose Joy everyday.

Background: Linen memo that my brother gave me
Technique: applique, thread sketching, hand quilting
Batting: 100% cotton
Embellishents: Buttons for flowers

End-of-Year Projects

We just returned from celebrating the holidays with my three sons and their families.
The big hit for Christmas gifts were fart guns, Hulk fists, and harmonicas.
I wish I had thought of inventing the fart gun…genius idea.

After resting a bit this morning, I decided to make myself a carry all bag.
For the front of the bag, I used the scrappy fabric piece I made the other day.

I had enough dark purple polka-dot to use for the front and back.
There was enough lilac polka-dot to use for the lining.


Next on the list, is more scrappy fabric.
I am making journal covers to give to my friends.
Once January comes around, I will be focusing on making my first quilt for the year.
I have some designs in mind, but I have not yet made my choice.
One more day to make up my mind.

Wood Sculptures

Today, I would like to showcase the wood sculptures made by my four-year old grandson.
He creates these beautiful pieces of art in the workshop he shares with his dad.
These are the two latest pieces that we received yesterday:

Aircraft Carrier with Snow

Previous Sculptures in the Proud Grandparent’s Gallery:



He said he made me the blue heart so that I every time I see it, I will think of him.

Practice Makes Perfect…

…and I definitely far from perfect!
I need MORE practice with my free motion quilting.
I can’t remember where I read this, but someone compared free motion quilting to driving a standard car.
I certainly cannot drive standard.

I am having difficulty co-coordinating my hand and foot motion.
One of my problems is also controlling my speed.
I tend to be heavy footed.

Making fabric out of scraps is giving me the opportunity to practice free motion.
I thought trying to free motion on a 14″x 14″ square would be easier than working on a small square.
I try to work in quadrants as I move along the big square.
Maybe I need to go back to practicing on smaller squares.

Any hints, suggestions, or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Today was the second time I used the Solvy product.
It is much easier to use than I thought it would be.
The Solvy holds all these pieces in place, and it makes it easy to free motion.
I use a few pins to secure the Solvy, and it does not slide around at all.
After I am done with the free motion, I just rinse the piece under tap water.
It dissolves very easily, and does not leave any stickiness or goop.
This is today’s Scrap-to-Fabric piece:

When this piece dries, I will embellish with buttons and beads.
I might trim this piece up to make a front for a purse.
Or, I have some journals that I will be gifting, and I might cover them with this piece.
One of my 2018 goals is to learn how to free motion.
I’m glad I am getting a head start, because it is going to take me a LONG time to reach this goal.

Scrap it Up Journal Covers

Previously, I posted photos of fabric I made from scraps.

This afternoon, I used some of this fabric I made from scraps to cover a  medium-sized journal.
There is enough fabric to cover a mini-journal, but at the moment, I cannot find where I  tucked these journals away for safe-keeping.
There were some bits of fabric I made from the scraps leftover, so I used one square to decorate the top of the journal cover.

Just for Fun

In the midst of clearing out bins for fabric, I ran across a bin that contained some of my teaching stuff.
There in a bin, was Puff, the Magic Dragon!
I used to read the story of Puff, and play the song to my class.
We would draw our own magical dragons and write fantasy stories.
Our custodian and friend, Francisco, would suspend this beautiful dragon from my classroom ceiling to help inspire us to create every day.
The song was one included in my classroom list of songs that I would play throughout the week.
Now that I rediscovered Puff, I had to hang it in my sewing studio!

I couldn’t hang it from the ceiling, so I did the next best thing and draped it over my window.
Now, instead of continuing with organizing my fabric, I am sitting in my studio, listening and singing along with Peter, Paul, and Mary.

Hope you can join me and sing a-long!

Oh, What Fun!

I hope everyone had a blessed and joyful Christmas week-end.
If it wasn’t misting, I would be out walking off the holiday calories.
Since I can’t be outside, it is only natural that I am back in the sewing room.
I started messing around with the process of making fabric out of remnants and scraps.
I like to cover my journals with fabric, so I decided to make a fabric using the smallest of scraps.
This is my first time to use the water soluble Solvy, by Sulky.
It was fun playing around with the tiny fabric scraps.
My free motion skills are way below par.
I have difficulty co-coordinating my hand movement with my foot on the pedal.
My tendency is to be too heavy- footed. It is difficult for me to control the speed.
But, it was fun anyway.
I will keep practicing.

The backing I used is from an old pair of jeans that I decided to recycle.

I added pieces and string to the top and used the Solvy.

My crazy, out-of-control free motion!
The results are not great, but I will use this fabric for my journals.
I plan to embellish with beads and things.

Oh, I got a new cup holder.
I love collecting coffee cups.
As a teacher, I was always gifted the cutest mugs and cups.
But instead of using it for my cups, I got the idea to use it to hold my scissors.
Works great!

Christmas Eve-Eve

Note: I had posted this yesterday, but somehow it ended up in the trash box. I found it this morning and decided to re-post.

Today is the eve of Christmas Eve.
I found I had some down time, since the festivities begin tomorrow.
I had ants in my pants, so my sewing room was opened for just a bit of the afternoon.
Recently, I had organized my scraps and pieces in large bags.
As I was storing these scraps, I saw many possibilities.
I pulled one bag out today, and started making new fabric from the small pieces.

This bag had a few larger size scraps and a lot of odd shapes, widths, and lengths.

These strips were cut from one large block that I pieced together.

These started out as one block, and I decided to cut at a wonky angle in order to make it more interesting.

This one is my favorite. I do not have any more of that brown and multi-colored polka-dot fabric.
I have no idea what I will do with these, so far now, they are thrown in my Someday Bin.
In the meantime, I feel good about not wasting fabric.
I will try to keep up with this at least  once a week until these two bags are done.
But then, I will be starting new projects next year, and I will just fill up another bag.
Oh well, more fun for me.
Merry Christmas Eve-Eve! 

Great Friends

The day was spent with two of my favorite teaching buddies.
I spent my last years as a teacher working with these great friends.

It was so much fun catching up.
I received a delicious banana bread in a cute Santa bread dish.
Along with this treat, I was given a hilarious kitchen towel.

There just so happened to be a Hobby Lobby in the shopping center where the restaurant was located.
I could hear some fabric calling my name.
Lately, I have been thinking of trying to design a tree quilt or quilt block.
These green fabric just caught my eye and I think I could use it for the tree quilt.

I have no large remnants of green fabric in my stash. Just some strips and small pieces that I can use in a collage type piece.
Anyway, my resolution to not buy fabric without a set plan does not go into affect until January.
My studio is still closed, so I will concentrate on designing a quilt.