Good Times




Crystal Bridges Museum
Mission Statement:

The mission of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art is to welcome all to celebrate the American spirit in a setting that unites the power of art with the beauty of nature.

Throughout my visit to the museum, I was in awe of the design, color, patterns, texture, art, nature, and architecture that surrounded me.
My friends tolerated me shouting, “This would make a great design for a quilt!”; and also,”Look at those beautiful colors and patterns…perfect for a quilt!”.

We decided to travel to Arkansas on country roads, instead of the interstate highway.
We were able to enjoy the country side, visit town squares, and eat dessert at off the road cafes.
Now, we made a pact to not eat any more dessert until Thanksgiving. 

As “historian” for this group, I made a video of our trip.
Enjoy the beautiful images, and, PLEASE, ignore the silly ones!

Home Again, Home Again…

…Jiggety, Jig!
We arrived back in San Antonio in the afternoon.
What a great trip!
My friends have assigned me the roles of group comic and historian.
So, I will be creating a video for them later this afternoon.
We are meeting for coffee today, to plan our next adventure.

Throughout the trip, I kept thinking that I needed to get Block #10 done!
I just finished it this afternoon.
The fabric I chose for the background blends in too much with the lantern.
Instead of redoing the whole block, I added a red border.
I needed more red to balance the layout of the other blocks.
I need to figure a way to outline the lantern in order to make it stand out.
Any suggestions are appreciated.
My plan is to add buttons for the holly after the quilting.

Almost Home


This is are “Farewll to Bentonville” photo. This little yellow house made our week so comfortable and enjoyable.

One of the perks of traveling is meeting new people and finding interesting places.

We stopped in McAlester, Oklahoma for lunch, where we found the cutest little restaurant. Lucy’s Two is owned by two sisters. The food was delicious, the homemade desserts were beyond fantastic, and the two sisters were very friendly.

They had this really cool sign posted on the wall.


Three hundred more miles to go home.

We are still running on high energy and we are still friends. But, I have been barred from singing in the car😜.

Travel Update

Day 2

Today, we traveled from Sherman, Texas to Bentonville, Arkansas. We are now the Traveling Meemaws… a bit more dignified than Traveling Clown Car. The autumn foliage is amazing.

We arrived at the Air B&B this afternoon. We were too late to visit the quilt shop. What a beautiful house! It is 45 degrees and a bit drizzly, so we had to change our plans to walk around downtown. Instead, we played games and enjoyed a cozy evening indoors. We started playing for chips and moved up to coins… real big time gamblers.


Red tree in downtown circle.

Our home for the week is awesome. We each have our own room.

I won’t even try to explain the hair caps!🙃

Traveling Clown Car

Day One

We traveled from San Antonio to Sherman, Texas avoiding IH35. The country roads took us through quaint Texas towns. There are beautiful courthouses in Texas. I was so excited to see actual autumn foliage.


This is not the best picture, but I loved this courthouse.

Our first stop was in Hico, Texas where we stopped at the Kountry Kup. This place is known for 16 flavors of homemade pie.


It took us a while to make our decision😃


Look at that meringue!

The weather is awesome…we need jackets!

It has been a day of adventure (we sort of got lost) and laughter.

Looking forward to tomorrow.

Last Minute Preparations

I guess my sewing room will not get cleaned and reorganized before I leave for my trip.
Once again, my wandering mind started making something with the fabrics I was trying to store and organize.
I made some strips with the fabric memos my brother gave me.
This formed a nice sized block, which I cut into some columns.

My grandson has two pets that need to be included in  his story quilt, so I drew a dog and a cat silhouette onto the back of the Steam – a-Seam Lite.

This quilt is getting a bit large. It might have to be the story of his early years.
Maybe I can make a quilt in 5 year increments.

I’m all packed and ready to go to Arkansas. I contacted the quilt shop in Bentonville, and they say they will be expecting me. 
I will try one more time to clean up the sewing room. It would be a disappointment to return and find it looking the way it is now.
Now, I better get to some serious cleaning.

Story Quilt

My plan was to clean up my sewing room before my trip with my buddies.
Instead, I found myself making a block to add to my grandson’s story quilt.
As they drive in their green truck, my son and grandson count cement trucks.
I find myself counting cement trucks now.
My grandson also loves trains.
I used to find myself getting irritated when I stopped for a train, but now, I look at them as if my grandson was with me. I think of where the train is going and where it has been.
I count and identify the different types of train cars.
A child can make one stop and enjoy the simplest of things.
I drew some of these vehicles onto the back of the fusible, without a pattern.
I didn’t draw the clouds, sun, wheels, and some of the train carts .
I just placed the fusible on the back of the fabric and cut.
I had some striped canvas, so I cut it on the bias in order to get the slant for the train track.

I don’t know how I plan to stitch the appliques.
Zig-zag and satin stitches take too long.
Would there be too much fraying if I straight-stitched these?
Any input is appreciated.