Christmas Past, Present, and Future

Sometimes, it is better to start fresh and create something totally different.
This was the case today.
I loved the lantern pattern from the I Wish You a Merry Quilt Along, but I did not make the best choice of fabric.

Today, I kept trying to figure out how to improve this block.
The thought of making a new one crossed my mind.
However, I just wasn’t that keen on doing the same block over.
This block will be used to make a pillow cover for my sofa pillows instead of being included in the quilt.

For this QAL, I chose a palette of fabric that reflected my experience with a traditional Christmas…red, green, gold and winter white.
My mom had different Christmas themes that she would rotate throughout the years, but traditional Christmas was her favorite. It was also my favorite theme, and I used it for my home decorations.

Looking at all eleven blocks on my design wall brought back many memories of Christmas Past.
I remembered how mom always made her own wreaths to decorate the house.
So, I decided to make  a wreath block using a Dresden pattern.
I will add gold or red buttons after the quilt is long armed.
I will also add a red ribbon.

I am so happy I decided to join this QAL.
The afternoon was spent listening to Christmas music, remembering Christmas Past, making a new block for Christmas Present, and creating something that will hopefully be part of Christmas Future.

5 thoughts on “Christmas Past, Present, and Future

  1. Not that you asked, but I would add at least one black line inside the lantern, or use fabric markers to draw a red lighted candle in the lantern. I think the design is just too much blank space inside the lantern. Meanwhile, I love your Dresden wreath!

  2. I think using the block for a pillow is a magnificent idea! It would be a wonderful addition to your holiday decor. Thank you for sharing your memories. They added a little sparkle to my day! Love your new wreath block! I think it’s really neat that you are going to add a little creation of your own to your quilt! 🙂

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