When I was teaching, I used to make simple quilt wall hangings with my students. Sometimes it would be an “About Me” theme where they would draw a self-portrait on muslin. I also made book wall hangings where they wrote the title and draw a book cover for their favorite book.We used fabric markers.

The markers I used were labeled as fabric markers, but I was never quite happy with the result.

What are the best markers to use for writing on fabric used in making a quilt? I am looking for something that has a fine point and doesn’t bleed.

I would appreciate any input.

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  1. What is often recommended are Pigma pens. They are a fine point, but the quality of the line depends on what fabric you’re writing on. I’ve also used fine Sharpies, but you really need to test them to see how they draw, whether they’ll bleed the line, and how colorfast they are for washing. Some seem to work well and others don’t.

      1. I usually press freezer paper to the back to create a better surface. I also have a black sheet of ? vinyl or something, that I got at a workshop. It’s tacky and fabric sticks well to it. However, often if I’m writing, I’m also tracing something underneath. (I put a small utility light under a clear plastic tub to create a light box.) So the white freezer paper usually works better for me.

  2. I’m reading the comments too, I never quite liked fabric markers. I use a very fine Sharpie as well. I find that if you press very lightly when you write it doesn’t bleed and it always looks great after washings.

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