Feels Like Christmas

Today, the postman delivered two packages for me.
One contained the little purse made by Tierney, of Tierney Creates.
I was lucky enough to win one of her give-aways.
It just so happens that purple is my favorite color.
Thank you, Tierney!

The other package was a gift from my friend, Nancy.
It was a Seasons Placemat Kit from Connecting Threads.
Look at these gorgeous fabrics.

Thank you, Nancy!
It certainly felt like Christmas today.
So, I made Christmas burrito pillowcases for my grandchildren.

The material was purchased last week at the Village Quilting in Bentonville, Arkansas.
Last Thursday, my friends dropped me off at the store and I got lost in the fabric.
There was a room of seasonal fabric.
My friends were looking for a Christmas project, and I found the perfect one for us to do…
the 10 minute table runner. The store had some sample table runners.

When my friends returned to the shop, Lori, the store proprietor, proceeded to be so super helpful.
She demonstrated how to make the table runner.
Lori spent so much time with us.
I also purchased some polka-dot fabric for an unknown project. I just like polka-dots.

This is the pillowcase I made for my granddaughter.

These are for my grandson. He has a small pillow.
Lots of projects on the table!

23 thoughts on “Feels Like Christmas

    1. A great two weeks! I chose snowmen for the pillowcases because my favorite Christmas book is The Snowman by Raymond Briggs.
      I have only experienced enough snow to make a snowman once in my lifetime. My sons were younger and we built a family of 5 snowmen.

  1. Oh you have so many happy projects! What a welcoming quilt shop you visited, I love polka dots too.
    Your Tierney wallet is so special, I love the purple and batik fabrics. She chose that one to send with you in mind I’m sure 🙂

    1. I have plans to make Christmas runners and placemats to give as gifts on Thanksgiving. Hope to get them done. I’m also studying One Block Wonders. I first read about these on Mary Puckett’s posts. I really want to make one.

      1. That is a good idea, so people can have them during holiday season. Ugh, I know I won’t get enough done by Thanksgiving but maybe ahead enough for some “pre-Christmas” gifts. I’m going to look up One block wonder now, new to me Thanks!

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