Story Quilt

My plan was to clean up my sewing room before my trip with my buddies.
Instead, I found myself making a block to add to my grandson’s story quilt.
As they drive in their green truck, my son and grandson count cement trucks.
I find myself counting cement trucks now.
My grandson also loves trains.
I used to find myself getting irritated when I stopped for a train, but now, I look at them as if my grandson was with me. I think of where the train is going and where it has been.
I count and identify the different types of train cars.
A child can make one stop and enjoy the simplest of things.
I drew some of these vehicles onto the back of the fusible, without a pattern.
I didn’t draw the clouds, sun, wheels, and some of the train carts .
I just placed the fusible on the back of the fabric and cut.
I had some striped canvas, so I cut it on the bias in order to get the slant for the train track.

I don’t know how I plan to stitch the appliques.
Zig-zag and satin stitches take too long.
Would there be too much fraying if I straight-stitched these?
Any input is appreciated.

9 thoughts on “Story Quilt

  1. I like your new piece a train and construction truck. If you do not plan to launder the quilt it should be okay with just straight stitch around the edge of the appliqué assuming all your pieces are well fused. Lots of art quilts just have fused appliqué with straight stitching on the edge. You could also do a small zigzag if you want.
    I try to look at trains the same way too (unless I am running really late, ha!) and how fun to enjoy your grandson’s perspective!

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