The Right Tools


Although I never tried to use a hammer to unscrew the needle plate on my sewing machine, I tried quite a few different things such as dimes, paper clips, etc.
The screwdriver that came with the sewing machine was too long, thus, making it very difficult to undo the screw. I had to angle the screwdriver and this angling turned this task into a struggle.

Today, I found these treasures at the B & B Quilting.
These perfect sized screwdrivers  come in two different sized bits.
Both bits work with my sewing machine.
I no longer have to angle in the screwdriver or use other objects.

Compare the difference in sizes between the new screwdriver on the top and the screwdriver that came with the machine.

This little tool has made it so much easier for me to remove the needle plate to clean my machine.
My dad always stressed the importance of having the right tool.
He would be happy to know that I really did listen to him…sometimes.

12 thoughts on “The Right Tools

  1. Sometimes we have to get resourceful…even if it means listening to our parents! Glad you found the right tool, my feed dogs get so fuzzy, I am always removing the plate to clean them.

  2. At first with my machine I never thought of removing the needle plate (that was years ago thank goodness). The first time I took it off to clean – EWWWWWWWWW! It was where greasy lint (my Bernina requires regular oiling) goes to die! Now whenever I change my needle or oil my machine I clean it! Glad you had the right tool (hammering it off would have been disastrous – ha!)

  3. Chela, I think I’ve heard that phrase many times. It is important to use the right tool. Things go much smoother. Although I know I have thought of using a hammer in inappropriate ways with my longarm quilt machine. 🙃 Sometimes things get a bit too out of hand with its behavior and my patience wears thin. Way to go for finding something that works for you.

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