Mystery Reader

Mystery Reader day was so much fun.
My granddaughter said she figured it out as soon as she heard my clue about liking to quilt.
The children loved the story, Bear Says Thanks,by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman.
I took some of the fabric squares I had pieced for the I Spy pillow top I was thinking of making my granddaughter.
The children oohed and ahhed over the fabric.
We set out the 9-patch grids I had printed, and we passed out the bag of construction squares I had cut.
I told the students to take their time in choosing the colors and making their design.
I even gave them the option of drawing and making a design on their two inch blocks.
We spent about ten minutes just thinking about our color and design.
Then it was lunch time.
I had forgotten how crazy it is in a school cafeteria on the day after Halloween!
I left after lunch and recess.
Before I left, I reminded the students that every one has a story to tell.
I challenged them to share their stories with their friends.
The teacher said she planned to have an afternoon of art, reading, and writing stories.
The students said they would send me a picture of the class quilt they make with their blocks.

During lunch, I told my granddaughter that I planned to make a large floor pillow for her reading tent at home. I asked if she wanted to be part of choosing the theme and fabric, and she said she wanted it to be a surprise.
So, surprise it will be.
I will make an I Spy pillow top.
I stopped by the B & B Quilting to see if I could find more fun fabric to add to the I Spy project.
My stash has been depleted of fabric that has cute stuff to “Spy”.
The people at the B & B are so helpful.
I purchased 4″ strips of fabric that had designs and characters that relate to my granddaughter.
 Butterflies, Buttons, Chocolate Covered Strawberries and More
I also purchased the fabric for the sashes.


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