These last four days have been great.
I got to spend an evening and a day with a very special boy, my grandson.
The dinosaur pillow was a big hit with my grandson.
It served many purposes, including: jumping, playing game boards, reading, doing puzzles on the iPad, and a “not taking a nap but just resting” pillow.

I also got to spend a day with my friend, Nancy.
I wish I had taken pictures of the Christmas stockings she made for some friends.
Absolutely beautiful.
We visited Poppy Quilt n’ Sew in Georgetown, Texas.
We both found great fabric for future projects.

Today, I started working on a floor pillow for my granddaughter.
One of the games we play when we are together is “I SPY”.
I found some fabric in my bins that I used to start this pillow.

While I was looking for more fabric for the “I SPY” pillow, I found a fabric panel that had school images and the map of the United States. It was used on my bulletin boards when I was teaching.
My granddaughter is interested in maps, so I started making a pillow top.
I am not happy with my attempt at quilting, stitch in the ditch, so this may end up in the UFO box.

I might just put both of these projects in the UFO box and ask my granddaughter to design a pillow top for me to quilt.
It was good to get back to my sewing machine, but I guess I just was not into anything I made today.
Do you ever have days like this?

8 thoughts on “Monday

  1. I hate it when things just don’t turn out the way we have envisioned! Sometimes you can save them and sometimes it is best to just put them away or throw them out. For what it is worth, I really like the states map in quilt form:)❤️

  2. Everyone has disappointing outcomes when it comes to sewing. Those disappointments are what make the triumphs seem even more rewarding. Hang in there. Keep going! ♥️😊

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