Wacky Wednesday

Things have been a bit wacky today, since I am preparing for a whirlwind span of things to do and places to be.
I’ll be having a Gramma Day with my grandson and dog sitting.
I am looking forward to meeting with Nancy and learning new crafts and things.
When I return home, I will turn around and leave to be a secret reader for my granddaughter’s school.
Then, I have some appointments, followed by a Buddy Trip to Arkansas.
Not complaining…just sitting down to take it all in.

I did not get to start Block 9 of QAL, but I will try to squeeze it in when I get back.
Today, I added the name to the story quilt.
I made three strips out of denim; one strip for his first, his middle, and his last name.
I only added the top strip with the first name.
During any down time this weekend, I plan to add embroidery to the blocks.

Nancy shared a site that had some cute activities for toddlers.
I made a Halloween Bingo and a Halloween Memory game to play with my grandson.
The games are free printable activities on provided by Amber on Crazy Little Projects.
Nancy had given me some fabric gift bags that she made.
This gave me the idea of making a game bag from some Halloween fabric.

Now, I think I will print a set of the Thanksgiving bingo that is on Amber’s blog.
I will take this to my granddaughter’s class when I go to read.

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