Bright and Happy Quilt

For it is in giving that we receive.
Francis of Assisi

For the last thirteen years of my mother’s life, we were fortunate to have a very special woman who took care of my mom during the week days. Every time we saw Mrs. O, there was a smile on her face.

A few months ago, I ran across a stack of 2.5 ” squares I had cut from the remnants of the quilt I had made for my mother.
I decided to make a quilt for Mrs. O, using these squares and other pieces I had in my stash.
There was enough white to make more squares, so I made an Irish Chain style quilt.
I also had some teal and some yellow fabrics to use for the borders.
The orange fabric was purchased for the backing.

The quilt came out so “bright and happy”…very suitable to Mrs. O’s character.
Today, I went to deliver the quilt.
To my surprise, Ramon, a super nice man who took care of my mom’s yard, was at Mrs. O’s house today.
As usual, he was providing help to others in need, by taking care of Mrs. O’s yard.
The three of us had a very special visit.
I took my Tribute to Tonie quilt for them to see.
We shared some Tonie stories as we talked about each block.
Then, I gave Mrs. O a bag with her quilt, and told her to read the label.
She was totally surprised.
It was a very good morning.

Tribute to Tonie Quilt

Front of Happy Quilt for Mrs. O




Today, I received way more than I gave.

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