Holding On and Letting Go

Yesterday, I read Tierney’s (from Tierney Creates) post about “holding on and letting go”.
It made me think of the box in my closet that had the last of my seasonal shirts I used when I taught.
When I was teaching, I had enough seasonal T-shirts that I did not have to repeat.
My friends and family always kidded me about wearing these shirts.
I would wear anything to keep the kids paying attention and having fun.
It has been three years since I retired.
Last year, I was wearing this scarecrow shirt while grocery shopping.
All of a sudden, I felt self-conscious.
So, I packed up most of the shirts and donated  of them.
I kept a few, because, I just could not let go of the fun memories.

Well, today, I thought it was time to let go.
As I was throwing the shirts into a bag, I had a crazy thought.
I had never been interested in making anything using T-shirts as the fabric.
Three years ago, when I first started quilting, I had purchased some 820 Quilting Grids fusible interfacing. I never used it, and today, somehow, I managed to find it.
The interfacing was perfect for supporting the T-shirt fabric and making a pillow.
The sleeve of the shirt had some embellishments, so I made squares to use for the corners.
I did not take a picture of the shirt before I cut it.

So now, instead of having an ugly, Teacher T-shirt, I have an ugly pillow with lots of memories.
I sort of let go, because I am no longer wearing the shirt…
But, I guess I am still holding on…

9 thoughts on “Holding On and Letting Go

  1. Very cool! I love blog posts which are an ongoing dialogue, thanks for keeping the discussion going! I love the idea of turning the T shirt into a pillow – making it something decorative for the season 🙂

  2. Your post on shirts just for teaching made me laugh. Years ago I was about to buy a cute shirt but my then-teenage daughter objected, “it looks like a teacher!” I still thought it was cute😁

    1. You made me laugh out loud! Sometimes I would start tap dancing to get their attention. I wore a red cape for writing and candy cane tennis shoes during December. On one particular day, when NO ONE was listening to me, I put a huge star sticker on my forehead. It was there all day and not one child said anything. Those were some crazy days! Why don’t you try tap dancing and wear a red super mom cape?

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