MeeMaw Monday Craft Day


Pumpkin pumpkin 
big and round, 
I’m glad you grow 
upon the ground. 
I’m glad you don’t 
grow in a tree 
for then you might 
fall down on me.


My first graders loved this poem!
It would make me laugh just to see and hear them laugh.
My friends and I had MeeMaw Monday Craft Day.
Our goal was to make Halloween and Thanksgiving fabric pumpkins.
I did more talking than crafting, so I had to finish mine at home.
We made them just in time…we are getting our first autumn cool front tomorrow!
The low will be 64 degrees and the high will only be 82 degrees!
This is our pumpkin patch, so far.
My friends will continue, but I think I have made enough.

Of course, there was pumpkin pie  and whipped cream to end the MeeMaw Monday Craft Day.

5 thoughts on “MeeMaw Monday Craft Day

  1. Very, very cute! I end up talking more than sewing when I’m with a group as well! Good food and good conversation with a bit of crafting/quilting/sewing leads to good memories, oh and some good projects too!

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