On a day when our country is once again hit by tragedy, I needed to get away and do something for someone else, no matter how small.
Luckily, my friends and I had planned to meet and work on a project.
My friend Marti is involved in many community projects.
One of her favorites, is the Headwaters at Incarnate Word.
The mission for this group is “to preserve, restore, and celebrate the rich natural, cultural, historical, spiritual, and educational values of the headwaters of the San Antonio River, especially within the 53-acre Headwaters Sanctuary. “
They sponsor many free educational events, that include bird observation walks, landscaping lessons, and films on environmental issues. October Calendar

This Sunday, the Headwaters Sanctuary will be sponsoring a Native Wildlife and Habitat Celebration.
Marti called us together to make bird seed feeders.  These will be available for all of the celebrants on Sunday.
Last year, we made 121 of these cookie cutter bird feeders as part of our nature classes for which we volunteered to teach at an elementary school. At that time, we said we would never make these feeders again.
Well, we made some today. It is a messy production, but we have fun together.
We were outside picking acorns to decorate these feeders.
Nothing like having NERD written on our foreheads.
After the feeders dry, Marti and her sweet husband will pull out the straws and loop strings through the holes.
I know children like receiving these bird feeders and placing them out for the birds.
Little things make children happy.
As usual, we took a nice lunch break. We talked about our upcoming trip to visit the Crystal Bridges Museum in Arkansas. We are excited about seeing the work of artist, Dale Chihuly.

It was raining on my way home, so I decided not to stop in at the Mesquite Bean Fabric Shop.
Instead, I came home and made a fall tote.
I used some of the orange fabric swatches that my brother sent me for the pumpkin.
I cut three pieces from two types of orange fabric, and pieced them to form a pumpkin.
For the first time, I used the needle turn method of applique.
I ended up hand-stitching  the segments of the pumpkin and the outside edges.
My first thought was to stuff the pumpkin, but the way I pieced the three segments , along with the thickness of the fabric, gave it enough  dimension.
Wool felt was used for the leaves and stem.
I used beige polka-dot fabric for the lining.  I made three pockets out of one long pocket on each side of the lining.
I like to keep my phone, keys, and wallet in the inner pockets and leave room in the tote for other things.
The back has one large pocket.

My new quilting books came in today, so I plan to enjoy studying and reading tomorrow.
Also, my son and daughter-in-law are driving in and I can’t wait to see them!

10 thoughts on “October

  1. Those bird feeders are so cute! The acorn decoration adds a nice touch…there is nothing like being outside on a nice fall day and picking up acorns…what a fun thing to do with friends! The tote bag is super cute! I’d say you had a pretty awesome day!

    1. Thanks. I was trying to see how I can use the fabric memos that my brother sent me. I just got another box today! This box has more memos that are cotton and linen blends…a little easier for piecing.

  2. Oh my! The bird feeders look so cool! You are going to see a lot of smiles when you share them. Your tote is adorable. You seem to be so creative. Can’t wait to hear what you think of your books.

    1. I can’t wait to see the smiles on Sunday.
      I have had my nose in Rayna Gillman’s book. Read it twice. The other book has not come yet. I think I might start sorting fabric. Thanks again for sharing this information.

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