Peaceful Pieces: Poems and Quilts About Peace by Anna Grossnickle Hines

Over the span of my 42 years of teaching, I had acquired quite a lovely library of children’s literature.
The library took up one of the bedrooms.
After the first year of retirement, I loaded some of the books and gave them to a beginning teacher at the school where I taught for the last 24 years of my career.
I also set aside special books that I thought my grandchildren should have; and I still had another  large, three shelf bookcase full of books.
I realized it was time to get the remaining books back into the hands of children, so I gave another batch to another beginning teacher.
In that stack of  books, I gave away a book by Anna Grossnickle Hines: Pieces : A Year in Poems and Quilts.
It was one of my favorite books to use to combine the teaching of poetry and the math and art in quilting.
It was difficult giving this book away, but I knew the teacher receiving this book would put it to good use.

Then,  at the public library, I ran across another book by this same author,  entitled, Peaceful Pieces
The poems and quilts  about peace are excellent.
In these troubled times of ours, the message of Peace, with the backdrop of beautiful quilts, is exactly what should be shared, discussed, and practiced.
As Anna Grossnickle Hines states in her book…

All of us together in one world. The trick is to be mindful of that connection. ”

Some of my favorite poems by the poet, are: Where I Live, Calming the Busy Brain, Weapons, Dominoes, and No In-Between. 
I recommend this book for children and adults.
I plan to write some lesson plans for my friend to use this book with her third grade class.

After reading this book, I started thinking of designs for a peace quilt.
I am continuing my study of artistic and free form quilts.
Maybe I can come up with something.

5 thoughts on “Peaceful Pieces: Poems and Quilts About Peace by Anna Grossnickle Hines

  1. Way to go for donating the books. My sister is a teacher. She tells of all the supplies she has provided on her own. I am certain the teachers that received your books are very appreciative.

    1. Thanks. People do not realize how much teachers invest in their classroom all year long. I’m not complaining, because I did it for my students. But the public does not realize that school districts barely provide the basics of what teachers need. And this year, my former district did not even provide a raise for teachers or staff members. I hope your sister is having a great school year.

      1. Well my state is not a friend to teachers or education. He is a puppet of big business. My sister works in another state. That state is not a friend of education either. Very sad state of affairs.

      2. I don’t think any state really treats the teaching profession well.
        One hears about “fixing education” during the political season, without talking about what is good about public education. It is a great profession and I loved being a part of it for 42 years.

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