Rainy Week



It has been a rainy week, and I have so enjoyed it.
I went to dinner with my friend.
Our October walking schedule has been planned, and I am looking forward to those days.
We are also planning a craft day on Monday to make bird seed ornaments to donate to a school that said they would like to have some.

Then on Tuesday, we will have a craft day to make fabric pumpkins.
My friends liked the fabric pumpkins I made for my grandchildren.
Last night, my grandchildren received their fabric pumpkins in the mail;
and I heart that the pumpkins were a great hit.
Each grandchild went to sleep, hugging their pumpkin.
My youngest took it to Share and Tell today.

I have also spent time reading and watching tutorials on both modern quilts and artistic quilts.
The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilts by Sherri Lynn Wood.
Tierney, of Tierny Creates, posted information about this book, and I am so glad she did.
I have read and reread this book, and I am learning so much. I shared it with my sister, and she and I are discussing it.
I also have been studying a book by Shannon Brinkley, Scrappy Bits Applique.
Shannon is a fabric designer and quilter based out of Austin.
My friend, Nancy, and I ran across some of her fabric at a quilt store in Austin.
Nancy has made some pillows using Brinkley’s fabric and stencils and she has one posted on her etsy store.
I am interested in trying out a collage type quilt.
Right now, I am just drawing some trees and landscapes, to get an idea of what I want to do.

I also made myself another fall pillow.
I can use this on my comfy reading chair.

On my table right now, I have some fabrics that I think I will use to make me an autumn tote of some kind.

My brother is spoiling me.
He sent me another box of fabric!
I need to get busy!

12 thoughts on “Rainy Week

  1. You are very lucky to have a brother that sends you fabric! Sounds like you have a great set of friends to do things with. Good to hear you found the book Tierney discussed. She has great taste when it comes to reading material. You might also like the book 15 Minutes of Play by Victoria Findlay Wolf, and Create Your Own Free-Form Quilts by Rayna Gillman. There are so many good books that will teach you how to create improv quilts. I own all three of those plus several more. Your pillow will make a wonderful addition to your comfy chair. So good to hear the children loved the pumpkins. My comment sounds choppy but your post was filled to the brim with updates. I wanted to try to acknowledge each item. 😊

    1. My brother is a sweetheart, and he reminds me of how lucky I am to have him as my brother.;)
      Thanks for the book suggestions. I looked them up and decided to order them.
      And thank you for acknowledging my post updates.

      1. You are very welcome! I enjoy following along. I hope you enjoy the books. Be careful though because these books are contagious. Once you have one by an author you may find yourself adding their other books to your inventory. Rayna Gillman has a new book coming out yet this year. You may have seen my post about it. I’m bragging because one of my quilts is in it. Here is a link to the post http://wp.me/p2oHsv-51w

      2. I know! I finally distributed my vast children’s book library that I had built up during my years as a teacher. Now, my quilting library is taking over. Congratulations on having your quilt in a book. It is really pretty!

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