Quilt Show

Although my previous post about the Salute to Texas Quilt Show seemed like it was all about me, that was not my intention.
I was just in shock and totally flabbergasted about the Honorable Mention. The Tribute to Tonie quilt meant so much to me.
People who did not know my mother, said they learned a bit about her by looking at my quilt. This just blew me away.

This post is about quilt shows.
I have only been to four quilt shows, and I plan to attend more.
What a beautiful way to learn from and be inspired by others.
The whole process of creating a quilt and entering it into a show is a learning experience.

Yesterday, I spent hours viewing and studying the quilts at the show.
I had the opportunity to speak to friends who had entries, and I got to make new friends.
My friend from Las Colchas, Vickie Owen, won a Red Ribbon for a quilt in the Art category.

Too Close to Call by Vickie Owens
Quilted by Kay Zwart
She captured the photorealism  movement of the artist, Chuck Close.

When I first started quilting, I picked safe colors, and usually dull patterns.
Vickie taught me how to play with color and pattern.
Vickie’s entry into the Modern Quilt category is an example of what she does with color and pattern.
She won a Red Ribbon for this quilt.

Speak for Yourself by Vickie Owen
Quilted by Rose Jeter

The Honorable Mention winner in the Modern category was a cheery and colorful display of owls on white background.

Whoo’s There? Hailey, That’s Whoo! by Holly Nelson

Since I love everything Autumn, this Blue Ribbon quilt in the Large Applique category caught my eye.

Pumpkin Harvest by Diane Leclair

Another quilt in the Large Applique category was this adorable quilt of pigs.
The fabric, color, and texture made this such a fun quilt. Simple, yet delightful.

Pigs and More Pigs by Lani Nunley
Quilted by Dianne Wiltz


In the Small Applique category there was this gorgeous floral sphere.

Monde de Fleurs by Bernie Farris
Quilted by Marilyn Bellows

Another one of my favorites was in the Art/Fiber Arts category.

Four Crows by Linda Heatherley
There was another bird-themed quilt in the Art/Fiber Arts category.
It won Honorable Mention.

My Support Group by Deborah Geistweidet

I loved the fabric in this Blue Ribbon winner  in the Large Pieced category.

Batik Windows by Deborah Ortis

An Honorable Mention winner in the Large Pieced Category made me laugh.

Funky Chickens by Linda Ethridge

My all time favorite was also the Judge’s Choice Award winner.

Family Tree by Deborah Geistweidt
There were so many embroidered details, such as the family faces in the tree trunk.
She had insects and mythical characters throughout the quilt.

Here is a close up of the insects…absolutely gorgeous.

My new interest is in learning more about modern/art quilts.
I am just beginning to study these areas.
I am already learning just by reading some of the blogs I follow.
Any input, ideas, and suggestions from the blogging world is welcomed.


5 thoughts on “Quilt Show

  1. Thanks for sharing these wonderful quilts. I have to say my favorites were the English Paper Pieced Hexagon one (how sweet) and the amazing “Too Close to Call” 🙂 (but if I had attended the full show I am sure your quilt would have been one of my favorites too!)

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