Texas Autumn

I have been busy making fall decorations in preparation for today, the Autumn Equinox.
This morning, I pulled out my autumn pendant and autumn themed shirts.
My breakfast was a pumpkin donut from Dunkin’ Donuts.
I was all ready to welcome autumn, then my son sent me this photo/message and brought me back to reality.
It was 81 degrees at midnight.
Today’s high will be 85 degrees with the humidity index making it feel like 95 degrees.
Oh well, I will just read some autumn poems and dream.















8 thoughts on “Texas Autumn

  1. Chela: The graphic made me laugh out loud! And, although I miss Texas and my friends desperately, it makes me happy I moved back home! You don’t really have fall, but you do have bluebonnets!!!

  2. Oh I remember when we moved to Houston from New York in the late 1980s and we got to actually swim in a pool in December!!! To me that was totally magical – then fast forward after 8 years in Texas I’ve had enough of the heat😀

    1. We basically have just summer, and about two weeks of spring. Texas is massive and has so many different beautiful landscapes…its the weather that gets tiresome. I have not used a coat in years. A sweater is just about all one needs…every now and then, during the winter.

    1. You are so right! My childhood home had two huge pecan trees in the backyard.
      I use to love to pick pecans with my mom. She would hold out her apron and we would fill it up. Thanks for calling up this sweet memory for me.

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