Waiting for Autumn

The Autumn Equinox 2017 in the Northern Hemisphere will be at 3:02 PM on Friday, September 22.
It is 5:42 pm, and I have the air conditioner and ceiling fans on.
The temperature has gone down to 92 at this time.

I made an autumn pillow, in order to make fall feel welcomed when it arrives on Friday. Maybe a little positive thinking will get the autumn breeze to come.
For the pillow, I used some of the fabric swatches my brother sent me; along with remnants from last year’s fall project.
The pillow backing is made from fabric I purchased to make table place mats.
I have viewed many tutorials on how to miter corners.
For the place mats, I tried the “lazy binding” method.
I am not satisfied with the results, so I will have to rethink this.

I used the fabric swatches to make the leaves for applique.

This morning, my husband helped me drop off the three quilts at the location for the quilt show.
When we arrived at the center, I ran into Vicky, from Las Colchas.
She is one of the ladies who helped me when I first started quilting.
It was good to see her again.
The guild members measured and bagged my quilts.
There will be a preview for participants on Thursday night.

The center is on the Northwest side of San Antonio.
Traveling to the center from our home on the Northeast side, was a trip down memory lane.
Our first apartment and schools where we worked were in this area.
We did a little time travel and drove by to all the special places from our past.
It turned out to be a very nice morning.

8 thoughts on “Waiting for Autumn

  1. Well done for submitting your quilts, so exciting! That cushion is lovely, really heart warming colours.

    It’s very autumnal here, dropping to about 8 Celsius over night, the leaves are on the turn and it’s alternately between wet and misty, murky days and those incredible autumn sun which are some of the nicest of the year.

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