Terrific Thursday


What a Terrific Thursday it has been!
My granddaughter invited me to a Grandparent’s Day Lunch at her school.
There is NOTHING like eating lunch in a school cafeteria…I love it!
My granddaughter gave me a tour of her classroom before we went to lunch.
Lunch was filled with delightful conversation.
Then, of course, we went out to recess.
At the end of recess, my granddaughter lined up with the rest of her class.
As I walked away, I looked back and I could see her sweet face still looking at me.
I waved and blew her a kiss, and she in turn blew me a kiss.
I really wanted to go back and  hug her, but I didn’t want to embarrass  her.

Recess Fun

Afterwards, I made my way to the B&B Quilt Shop…just to look around. 
Nancy and Lori, the two sisters who own the store, are super helpful.
I just so happened to take my QAL blocks with me, just in case I saw something that might enhance the quilt.
My plan is to make a keyboard outer border with all the fabric pieces I have used in the Christmas quilt.
I have been looking for a sashing fabric that would make the blocks pop out.
My blocks are dark red and green fabrics with many patterns.
The sashing needs to be something a bit more subdued.
Nancy helped me find a gold-ish fabric that reminds me of garlands. I also found some beautiful fat quarters that might be useful in the remaining blocks.

I plan to make some fabric pumpkins with the fancier swatches in box of fabric my brother gave me.
The fabric is rich in color and texture, so I wanted the leaves and stems to be made with wool.
I found some perfect squares of wool at the B& B, at a pretty good price.

I will start on some projects tomorrow, after I return from a dental appointment. 😦
Even though I have a great dentist, this is one appointment I always seem to postpone.
It should be for a cleaning only.

On my way to the fabric shop, I received a call from my daughter-in-law, who lives  in Mckinney, Texas. She had received the box of Halloween things I made, and she was excited and happy about all of the items.
(Dresden Halloween Pillow, Sugar Skull pincushion, Sugar Skull Dresden table top, one large  and two small Halloween fabric pumpkins.)
We spent a good while talking about different ideas and tutorials. She is making a fleece and felt blanket that she designed herself. It will be a four seasons blanket. I can’t wait to see it.
Now, I am ready for Friday.

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