What started out as a nice day has turned into a crazy mess.
It all began nicely, with another surprise package from Amazon.
Those Shopping Fairies at Amazon knew I had always wanted to try to make something with a Dresden pattern.
The Dresden ruler was waiting for me on my porch this morning.
I decided to use this ruler to make the mug rugs that I promised my sister.
There is this great tutorial on making a Dresden mug rug. I found it on Pinterest from Terri’s Notebook.
She gave great instructions and illustrations.

I chained stitched the 2 inch petals.

My stash of felt is gone due to Craft Days with my granddaughter, so I had planned to buy some after I went to the doctor.

This is when the day started to turn.
It has been a month since I hurt my arm in Mexico.
I thought it was getting better.
But, when I tricked it out just by flossing my teeth, I knew I had to see a doctor.
My appointment was at 1:30.
As I got there, I was informed that the doctor was having a two-hour delay due to surgery situations.
Two hours later, I am told that I have shoulder impingement. The tendons around my rotator cuff become impinged as they pass through the joint.
If one more doctor tells me that when “people get of a certain age they need to”… I think I might scream.
I was given a steroid shot to help with the inflammation; and I will need some physical therapy.

The bad part of the day was after the doctor’s appointment.
Our plan was to get groceries on the way home.
The streets are CRAZY!
People are lined up to get gas, everywhere.
This is causing a congestion for people not buying gas.
Gas stations are closing, since they are out of gas.
It took us thirty minutes to get from the doctor’s to the grocery store.
I do not mean to sound like I am complaining.
This is just an inconvenience  for us, and does not even start to compare with what the people who survived the disaster of Harvey are going through. But I do believe the trouble is just beginning; and the state, the whole nation, are going to feel the effect of Harvey for some time.

Now that I am home, I need to rest this arm.
I will not be able to start binding the quilts for the quilt show until Monday.
What was I thinking when I made a quilt that is 92″ x 102”?
I guess I got carried away.
The Dresden mug rugs will have to wait also.
I don’t want to use up any gas if I don’t have to, so shopping for felt is not on the top of my list.
I am looking forward to rebooting and having a fresh start tomorrow.

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