To Hoard or Not to Hoard


verb (used with object)
2. to accumulate for preservation, future use, etc., in a hidden or carefully guarded place:

After I finished making the quilted notebook covers, I began cleaning off my sewing space.
There were a few quilted strips left over from cutting the main piece of the notebook to the right size.
Instead of throwing these strips away, I found myself “accumulating these pieces for future use and storing them in a carefully guarded space” stash boxes.I looked up the definition of hoarding and immediately pulled the strips out of the stash box.

I would make something with the strips now, and not store them for future use.
They really could have been pitched, but I made a refrigerator magnet out of two of the strips.
My refrigerator will soon be covered with these useless magnets.I am not a fabric hoarder.
I am not a fabric hoarder.  


8 thoughts on “To Hoard or Not to Hoard

  1. I save so many paper scraps, I’m fairly sure I could redecorate my bedroom in an interesting patchwork…

    Could you use your fabric scraps to make material cuff-style bracelets with a button or popper fasten?

  2. Oh I have ziploc bags full of scraps — fabric, paper, lace, trim, thread, batting, fusible, interfacing. You name it I have probably saved it. You never know when I might need it. But, a lot of my fabric art involves small snippets of things. Like your magnet.

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