Storm Update, Lunch, and Journal Covers

San Antonio was spared from any real damage from Hurricane Harvey.
My friend from Rockport is still waiting to hear about her home.
One hopeful sign is that the Big Tree on Goose Island survived the storm.
This beautiful tree, which is over 1000 years old, is just steps away from my friend’s home.
Hopefully, her home is also still standing.
As for the Houston family, they are hanging on.
Last I heard, they were still waiting to evacuate.
One of my relatives works at the hospital, and he says they are in dire conditions.
My Corpus relatives will be heading home soon, to assess the damage.
I am so proud of our Texas  HEB. This company is always ready to serve the communities.
They have sent trucks with hot meals and medications to the disaster areas.
HEB is always on the front line when it comes to helping.

Today was still windy, but the sun did shine.
I went to my former school to be part of the first day excitement.
I even got to park in my old parking space.

It was good seeing friends; and the children were delightful.
Afterwards, I went to meet the retired teacher group for lunch.
The Silver Foxes meet every year on the first day of school.
It was fun catching up.
One of my friends told me she has a family member who was just diagnosed with an illness.
She wanted to find a journal for  this person.
I offered to make her a journal cover and she loved the idea.
I was able to make it when I returned home.

The front heart pocket opens.
She can print cards with encouraging messages and place them in the heart pocket.

Interior of the Journal Cover

Two more heart magnets.

3 thoughts on “Storm Update, Lunch, and Journal Covers

  1. So pleased you aren’t suffering with the storm, it’s been heart wrenching seeing the stories on the news.

    I love this journal cover, especially the extra touch of the opening pocket, what a thoughtful gift

  2. Good to hear you are safe. Such a sad event. Can’t even imagine enduring the storm. Great that you could meet with the retired teachers. I bet you had a grand time. Fabulous idea to share one of your journals. I bet the recipient will be very pleased.

  3. Sending good thoughts for your Houston and Corpus family. We lived in Houston for 9 years and we used to go to San Antonio all the time (my husband was an Army reservist who taught medics at Ft. Sam)

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