Dinosaur Floor Pillow

My son has a very comfortable room in his home, which has been dubbed the “rumpus” room.
I thought my grandson needed a floor pillow for this great room.
So, I started looking for ideas on making a quilted dinosaur floor pillow.
Everything I saw was cute, but too baby-ish for this three-year-old dinosaur enthusiast.
I made some templates out of  some free dinosaur color sheets I found online.

In my stash, I had some beautiful remnants of batik that were perfect for making dinosaur appliques.
I used Steam -a-Seam Lite 2 to make the appliques.
The Stegosaurus fossil pattern was a bit difficult to applique, but I got it done.

Tomorrow, I will piece the blocks together. I think I will just do stitch-in-a-ditch quilting.
I might pull out a practice piece to try some meandering. If this doesn’t work, I might just quilt around the dinosaurs.
For the backing, I have some reptile-looking fabric of green and blue.

I am still trying to figure out how I plan to make the pillow itself.
I found a 30″ x 30″ pillow insert on Amazon.
Zippers are definitely out.
My friend suggested using Velcro strips to close the envelope pillow backing.
I’ll figure something out after I see what the quilting looks like.
Here are the squares.

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