Battle of the Zipper

Elias Howe did a great thing when he invented the sewing machine.
In my opinion, he missed the boat when he got the first patent for a zipper in 1851.
Apparently, there were many inventors involved in the process of improving the invention of the zipper throughout the years.
They were all wrong!

I know.
Zippers have a purpose.
But boy, how I dislike trying to sew in zippers.
I have been successful with sewing in zippers on just a few occasions.

I was trying to add piping and a zipper to a small Christmas pillow.
This was to be my practice for using piping and a zipper on a large floor pillow.
After two days, numerous rip outs, and outbursts of colorful language, I now declare that I will never engage in attempting to sew in a zipper again.

Front (With Piping)

Back (Envelope Style)

I found myself talking to the zipper as I tried and retried to sew it in.
This is where the colorful words came out.
I viewed many videos that presented  “simple”, “easy” methods for sewing in a zipper.
It makes me feel like a dummy, but I just can’t get it.
So, I turned my energy into writing a poem to say farewell to the Evil Zipper.

Now, I feel better!

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