Amazon Surprise

Today, I received a “surprise” package from Amazon.
I had totally forgotten I ordered these three items, so it really was pleasant surprise.

My Gypsy Sit Upon pillow was one of my presents to myself.
When I was teaching, I had Wiggle Pillows available to students to use if they needed them.
I would take the pillows to the faculty meetings in order to get through these meetings without losing my mind.
The Wiggle Pillows worked so well with the children, and when I saw the Gypsy Sit Upon on Amazon, I knew I had to have it. The pillow does help me keep my core straight, so this will improve my posture while sewing.
Also, the pillow helps me with my wiggles.
I have used it all day today…love it!

The other item was a Clover Press Perfect Iron Finger.
It is heat-resistant and it can be used to flatten seams and push corners.
I haven’t used this yet, but I think I am going to like it.
I also received a Clover Roll and Press.
This tool has already been used quite a bit today.
It works well.

Thank you, Amazon!
I wonder if I will be surprised tomorrow. 

6 thoughts on “Amazon Surprise

    1. Yes. When piecing a row of blocks together, I can now roll press the seams instead of getting up to press each time. The roller presses the seams enough for accuracy and then I iron press when I complete the row.

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