Museum Day

Today, I took a break from sewing and spent the day with my buddies.
I had told my friend’s husband, Dave, that I of course expected another poem.
He did not disappoint.
Marti handed this to me as I got into the car:

We lunched at Schilo’s, a great deli that has been in San Antonio since 1917.
Nothing like an iced mug of root beer on a hot, August day.

We headed out to the Briscoe Museum of Art. This museum is housed in what once was the first public library in San Antonio. This building has very special memories for me. I attended an elementary school that was downtown. After school, I would walk to the library and spend a couple of hours there as I awaited my mom to get off work.
I LOVED this library. It has been ages since I have been in this building, and it felt so good to see what the city has done to preserve it.

This bronze statue is amazing.

The detail in this pink marble is something to see.

I love this Texas fiddler with his dogs.

Gorgeous Sarape

Beautiful Ceiling


My favorite! A donkey’s back-side.

4 thoughts on “Museum Day

  1. What a great post! I too love libraries and their buildings — there is something about the smell of books that is soothing. Thanks for the tip about Schilo’s. I’ve been to San Antonio many times, but have been stuck in my Mi Tierra’s rut 🙂 — glad to hear of another option!

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