After I made the dinosaur pillowcases for my grandson, I looked online to see what else I could find to make.
I found these free printable dinosaur cards  that I used for making a matching game.
Then I made a drawstring bag to hold the cards.

Drawstring Bag and Matching Game Cards

There was a free printout for making a book. I made a dinosaur emergent reading book for my grandson to start reading basic color words and popcorn words.

Emergent Reading and Color Book

My intention was to use a quilted book cover that I made from the pillowcase remnants.
Instead, I left the cover separate.
I made it like a postcard.
It might be easier to color and read without the cover attached.
He can hang the card up on his wall or place it on his shelf.

After I packaged these items to mail to my grandson, I thought of the online site,
Can Teach Poems.
I used this site when I was teaching.
Poems and songs are great tools for teaching reading.
Since I had already sealed the package, I emailed the site link to my son.

It has been a Dinosaur kind of day.
Tomorrow is Craft Day with my granddaughter and daughter-in-law.


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